Uniglobe AR Resebyråer provides Signatures on File to our customers. We need a Signature on File to be able to continuously charge your travel expenses without your explicit consent for each occasion.

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Choosing the correct file

One-time Signature on File

If you only need a Signature on File for a single occasion we ask you to use our One-time Signature on File.

Download One-time Signature on File

Signature on File

If you continuously book with us we recommend you to use our Signature on File.

Download Signature on File

Sending the Signature on File to us

When you have download the Signature on File that is relevant to you we ask you to print the Signature on File and fill it out. Once you have filled out the document it is important that you send it to us by post. We discourage you from sending it by email as this is considered insecure. If you are unable to send the document by post we ask you scan it and send it to it@uniglobe.se and subsequently contact us by phone to inform us of this.

Send the document by post to:

AR Resebyråer AB
Att: Compliance
Kungsgatan 56
903 26 Umeå

Keeping card information up to date

Cards expire, therefore it is important that you as a client update your Signature on File with the travel agency. When a card is about to expire or has expired we kindly ask you to fill out a new Signature on File and send it to us using the standard procedure.

Revoking a Signature on File

It is your responsibility to revoke the Signature on File. Uniglobe AR Resebyråer will normally not revoke any Signatures on File. Only in breaches of contract Uniglobe AR Resebyråer may come to destroy Signatures on File. Your Signature on File can be revoked by sending a request for revocation to reservation@uniglobe.se.